Dynamic Performance Assessment


We at Peak303 value trusted sports science based assessments when testing our athletes. Loden Sports is a trusted leader in athlete performance testing. Their assessments are reliable and their reports are easy to understand with practical applications for the athlete and/or strength and conditioning coach. That's why we partner with Loden Sports to conduct our athlete assessments.

About Loden Sports

Want to know how you score in the key areas of athleticism; Power, Speed, Quickness and Cognition? We have partnered with Loden Sports to provide a new-age dynamic performance assessment for all athletes. The Loden Sports team brings an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience in the logistical event operation of athletic performance assessment. Members of the Loden Sports team have combined to operate well over 150 athletic performance assessment events since 2017. These events included over 12,000 athletes. The assessment will include:

  • The objective evaluation of the athlete encompasses the five key focus areas of athleticism: symmetry, brain speed, power, quickness, and speed

  • Each participant will be tested in the 20 yard sprint; counter movement jump; single-leg jump; and visual reaction test.

  • Athlete's will receive an individualized report with targeted areas for improvement

  • Each athlete will receive a Power, Quickness, Speed, and Loden (overall) score, in which they will be able to see how they compare to other athletes their age

  • Loden Sports will process all reports within 48 hours of the evaluation and reports will be delivered to the facility for dissemination


Once you see how you measure up, the information included in the report can be used to further advance your athletic development. Through the personalized training programs offered at our facility, we can help assist you in reaching your development goals. There will be other opportunities to retest so you can see the progress being made in your overall development.

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