Facility Membership Pricing

Membership Description


Have you been looking for a true sports performance training facility that has the amenities you need to reach your performance & health goals? Come checkout our spacious layout and new strength training equipment. Your membership includes access to the following and more:

  • 37' x 50' of open floor space for movement based exercises and drills
  • Full use of the "Recovery Den" self-massage devices, compression boots, myofascial release equipment and much more

  • Dedicated time blocks for members in order for optimal use and training experience. Monday-Friday ; Saturday & Sunday

  • Plyo Boxes, hurdles, trap bars, medicine balls, sleds, dumbbells, bumper plates and other strength & conditioning essentials


Drop-in Fee


Monthly Fee

$49/month plus $39 orientation fee for 1st time members

We will only be allowing a low number of memberships in order to keep to our sports performance mission and not the crowded club environment provided by other facilities. Secure your spot today!