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Cage/Facility Rental

Cage/Facility Rental

Need a cage or mound for individual or team skill work? We have retractable cages that consist of a full-size batting cage with a high ceiling  (12'w x 68'L x 18'H), a pitching tunnel (6'w x 68'L x 18'H) and a 35' x 50' turf open space that can be used as well for drills/skill work. The batting cage is equipped with an L-screen, tee & baseballs. The pitching tunnel is equipped with a full-size pitching mound, pitcher's pocket and baseballs. The tunnel can be used for hitting drill work as well.

Batting Cage & Pitching Tunnel

  • $35/30 minute batting cage rental 

  • $45/hour batting cage rental

  • $25/30 minute pitching tunnel rental

  • $35/hour pitching tunnel rental

  • $75/ both cage and tunnel rental per hour

Facility Rental

  • $100/hour for rental of the total turf space and the cages, which can be used or pulled back.

  • Contact us for more information

          * All cage/facility rentals need to be booked online and waivers need to be signed by all participants prior to using the facility

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