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Angela - Parent

Excellent! My son was coming off an arm injury and  Brian was exactly what he needed! Would recommend to everyone. My son had done pt but enjoyed this so much more and got more out of it for the future! If you are looking for Professional, caring, positive and are ready to work hard then this is the place!

Matt - Parent

I met Brian a couple of years ago and was very impressed with his knowledge and approach to young athletes. In a short time I have seen not only my son’s strength improve but also his confidence. He makes working out enjoyable for the kids. The atmosphere is not just about getting stronger but working on flexibility and stretching to make sure these young bodies improve without injury. I would highly recommend Elite Peak 303 to anyone looking for a great place to have their child workout.

Ryan - Parent

If you are looking for age appropriate workouts for your player that will help them get stronger and ready for the season, then this is the place to be. Brian Jordan is very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. His vast experience helping athletes of all levels is clearly evident with the process and the results. We've known Brian for a number of years and he's trustworthy and always willing to help. I strongly recommend Elite Peak 303 if you want to get the most out of your athlete.


Todd Helton, Former Major League Baseball Player 

“​I spent majority of my career training with Brian Jordan. Not only is he very knowledgable in strength training but excels in speed training. Getting big league players to work out during a 162 game season is not easy but Brian had the gift of motivating players and managing to keep it fun in the process. Hard work comes easy to Brian and makes grueling workouts seem manageable. I never did a set without him doing it along side me. If I had a chance to do it over I’d choose Brian Jordan as my strength coach."


Ryan "Spilly" Spilsborghs, Former Major League Baseball Player & AT&T SportsNet Analysts

“​I have known Brian throughout my entire professional career (12 years), there are few colleagues in professional sports that you can call both a close friend and associate. Brian pushed me to be a better player and person; I fully trusted my career and my health to him. I knew his education, his years of training, and his desire to learn the best possible training methods would help me reach my full potential. I would recommend Brian to any athlete that is willing to push themselves to achieve their full potential. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Brian as my trainer and my friend."


Jeff Francis, Former Major League Baseball Player

​“In my 11 seasons with the Colorado Rockies, both in the major and minor leagues, Brian was a big part of my training plans during the season as well as in the off-season. He helped give me the direction and motivation I needed to maximize my potential as a professional baseball player.”​


Matt Belisle, Former Major League Baseball Player 

     "For the past 6 years I have had the privilege of working with Brian Jordan as my "Strength & Conditioning Coach". This title is fitting yet far from complete. Brian's knowledge and benefits extend greatly deeper than weight training programs and cardiovascular routines. A short list of just as or more important topics and attributes he possesses would be vast information on nutrition, sleep, optimizing recovery and always striving for and honest, personal understanding of those he works with in order to get the best from them.

     Brian eagerly would venture to areas far outside his job description to continue learning, seek ways to help, integrate new ideas and ensure he was approachable and of use in any way needed.  Ever resourceful, willing and reliable, he always took each day as pertinent to the process for the individuals and the team. I always appreciated how he would feel, as the players, did the ups and downs of the team over the course of a summer because he was every bit part of the squad and fully invested. And lets not forget he has quite the arm for BP! 

     I am grateful for all that Brian has taught me and for the guidance and improvement he led me through over 6 years. Yet it is our lasting friendship that I hold highest...for a solid, genuine human being in your corner is much more valuable than a great "Strength & Conditioning Coach."


Michael Cuddyer, Former Major League Baseball Player 

“​Nobody I have ever worked with in a group setting cares and caters to the individual as much as Brian.  He brings his expertise in exercise, nutrition, and overall well being on an individual basis. I would recommend Brian to anybody looking to get an edge both physically and mentally."

al sandoval.jpg

Al Sandoval, Assistant Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach, Texas Rangers

“​Brian Jordan is one of the great Strength and Conditioning minds in the game of baseball. I was privileged to work with him for 4 years with the Colorado Rockies organization. His approach to constructing daily flexibility, core, and lifting routines for players on a day in and day out basis has helped me develop and grow as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. His name in our field and the game of baseball is very well respected not only amongst his peers but by all players he has helped to impact during their careers. I would highly recommend any athlete to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise to help them get to the next level and reach their peak potential. It has been an honor to have him as a mentor."


Preston Riley, College Baseball Player, West Hills College, CA

“​After the first workout I was hooked. Brian Jordan helped me get in great shape for the summer as well as ward off injury. Brian’s sports specific program was a perfect fit for me as every lift served to better my performance in games.  Throughout the summer I was taught what it takes to keep my body in peak physical shape, including proper nutrition and recovery tips. At the end of the program I left with more strength and knowledge than ever before.  Brian Jordan was a big help and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Joel - Athlete

I’ve known Mr. Jordan since high school. I first started working out with him this summer after my elbow injury. Mr. Jordan knows what to work on and what will help you succeed. The facility is amazing, has a recovery area batting cages mounds and weights. I will definitely be back to work with Mr. Jordan this summer.

Tim - Parent

I have known Brian Jordan for several years. I respect his training and expertise at the highest level and cannot recommend him enough. Not only has he gotten my boys safely through injury, but he has a way of motivating them and connecting with them on their level where they actually like the training and feel fulfilled by it. He truly takes an interest in them personally, and in showing them how to succeed and improve.

Westin - Athlete

I have worked with Brian Jordan for several years on primarily strength and speed work. Over the course of four months working with Brian I was able to drop my 60 yard dash time from a 7.83 to 7.14. Brian has also helped me immensely in preventing injuries through strength training and warm up routines. The facility is great, it has plenty of space and nice equipment for everything you'd need. I could not recommend Brian and ElitePeak303 enough for any baseball player or other athlete looking to improve their game.

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