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Peak Development Programs

Middle School Peak Development Program 

The Middle School PDP is for middle school athlete's looking to join a semi-private, small group training program. Learn proper training techniques and exercise progressions while developing the foundational strength, functional speed and fundamental recovery to improve performance and help keep you healthy. 

Sessions include:

  • Dynamic warm-up and movement proficiency drills

  • Foundational strength development beginners program

  • Muscle recovery routines


Summer Schedule:

  • 8 Week  Program  (6/5 - 7/31)

  • Wednesday's - 8:30-9:30am

  • Ages 11-14 years old

High School Peak Development Program 

The High School PDP is for high school athlete's looking for a semi-private small group training program. Designed to develop your strength, speed and power needs, through individualized athletic movements and exercises. Join a program that can help elevate your game and keep you healthy. 

Sessions include:

  • Linear & Lateral speed dynamic warm-up and acceleration drills

  • Strength/Power development exercises

  • Core training

  • Muscle recovery routines

Check out the Summer Strength & Speed Training program for high school group training options.



Only 8 spots available in each program. Sign-up today.

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