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We at Peak303 believe very strongly in long-term athletic development and health of all the athletes we work with. For that reason, we incorporate three essential development pillars in all the programs we provide. While there are many ways to train athletes for the demands of their specific sports, there are three main development pillars that we believe are essential to the success and health of all athletes. FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH, FUNCTIONAL SPEED & POWER, FUNDAMENTAL RECOVERY.

FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH is essential to an athlete's overall health and performance for any individual or team sport and is the primary development pillar of which all other's are built off of. Developing foundational strength allows for better control of muscles, greater work capacity and ability to generate higher forces and power. Not only can foundational strength development enhance skills but will also create the resiliency needed to repeat those skills over a longer period of time.

FUNCTIONAL SPEED & POWER is a crucial development pillar for high performance in most team sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball and many individual sports like track & field and swimming. While elite speed and power is not necessary for success in every sport and position, developing functional speed and power is. Learning running mechanics, acceleration/deceleration techniques and power developing exercises, can increase the speed and power athletes need for most sports.

FUNDAMENTAL RECOVERY is a fundamental development component to the success of any training program and health of all athletes. Without proper recovery, adaptation through training is limited and therefore so will high performance outcomes. We utilize myofascial release techniques and self-message routines to enhance the body's response time and recovery from workouts, practices and games.

With these three development pillars; our goal is for our athletes is not only to physically develop and perform at a high level but to also stay healthy and performing for the length of their athletic careers.


Brian Jordan CSCS*D, RSCC*E
Founder/Owner/Director of Performance Training

Brian is the Founder/Owner of Peak 303 and former Colorado Rockies Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach. He's a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus, through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been training amateur and professional athletes for over two decades now. Here's some more about his personal journey as an athlete, business owner and coach. 

Growing up in a small rural town on the coast of Maine, I had the opportunity to play multiple sports as a youth. I played three sports (baseball, basketball & golf) all throughout high school and was fortunate to continue on my athletic playing career at Springfield College. My opportunity came as a walk-on pitcher for the Pride baseball team, where I pitched all four years and graduated from Springfield College with a degree in Applied Exercise Science.


During my time at Springfield College, I realized that my athletic career would eventually come to an end but I wanted to continue on with a career in athletics. Fortunately, my first opportunity came by way of a strength and conditioning internship at the United States Naval Academy. That was a great learning experience for me and one that planted the seed for what would become a passion and career in strength and conditioning. From there I spent the fall and winter working as a part-time strength and conditioning coach at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. At that time, UMASS didn't have any open full-time positions but the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - Coach Otrando, was very gracious in giving me a part-time opportunity to cut my teeth in the strength and conditioning profession. 


While working at UMASS and applying for graduate school, I came across a strength and conditioning internship opportunity in professional baseball. Several MLB teams had put out notification of open positions for the upcoming season. Even though it was January, I was fortunate that the Detroit Tigers still had one more strength & conditioning coach position for their Major League Spring Training camp in Lakeland, Florida. While there weren't any guaranteed positions past Spring Training, I still jumped at the opportunity. After that Spring Training in 1999, I was given a full-season position with the Detroit Tigers AAA Minor League affiliate, the Toledo Mud Hens. Once that season ended, I knew what I wanted to do. Though it was a long and grueling season with hardly any pay, I truly enjoyed the job and knew I wanted to stay in professional baseball as a strength & conditioning coach. 


That off-season, I yet again found myself at crossroads in my career. Do I do another internship to stay in professional baseball or do I look for a full-time job elsewhere?  Thankfully, I was blessed with another opportunity to stay in professional baseball. This time it was to be the Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for the Colorado Rockies. I served in the role for 9 years where I designed, organized and managed all strength & conditioning programs for the Rockies minor league teams and players. While I loved the position, it didn’t allow me to do what I loved most, which was to be part of one team and work with athletes on a daily basis. So, when I was given the opportunity to become the Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Rockies organization in the fall of 2008, I was ecstatic. The position allowed me to work with every player daily, on the roster over the course of a Major League season, of which I was blessed to serve in that role through the 2014 season.


During the winter of 2014, I decided to start a sports performance training business called Elite Peak 303. It was my desire to open a place to train athletes here in Colorado. It wasn’t long after I had started my business, another unique job opportunity presented itself. This time I accepted a Certified for Sport Technical Manager position with the public health and safety organization, NSF International. Although it was an unexpected opportunity and a bit of a different career path, I decided to jump at the opportunity because of my previous experience with dietary supplements and the NSF Certified For Sport Certification program. It was also an easy decision to be part of an organization whose mission is to protect and improve human health. For the 5 years I served in that role, I got the unique experience of working with many global sports leagues, anti-doping agencies, and sports associations.


Even though I wasn’t training athletes on a regular basis during my time at NSF, I never really got away from it. I volunteered as a strength and conditioning coach for a local high school as well as a youth baseball coach for my sons little league teams. Then in early 2021, I decided to return to my passion of training athletes by opening a first-class sport performance training facility here in Colorado. Though it took much longer than I would have liked, we were able to open in the fall of 2021. Now, I'm happy to be back working with athletes of all ages and sports, trying to create a special place for them to train and develop here in Colorado!

Brody Jordan
Baseball Performance Coach

brody jordan pitching
Brody Jordan hitting

Brody has been playing college baseball at Marian University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, for the past two years . He grew up in Colorado playing all sports and is a graduate of Columbine High School. Brody has been coaching baseball clinics at Peak 303 for the past two years and is an assistant coach for a Level 3 Columbine High School baseball team.  He now attends Metro State University here in Denver as a criminal justice major. 

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