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Peak Performance Class

Program Description

Join an exciting new adult group training program that utilizes strength, agility & plyometric exercises to improve your overall fitness. This is an advanced training program. Participants should have a solid fitness base and some experience doing strength & plyometric exercises prior to joining.​ Workouts are challenging due to the short recovery between the higher intensity agility/plyometric exercises and the multi-joint strength movements. Classes conclude with foam rolling and trigger point recovery exercises.

Please wear comfortable athletic active wear, well supported athletic shoes and water. Some exercises will be performed on the turf floor, so bringing your own mat or towel is recommended.


Session Length: 1 hour

Session Size: 8 athlete max

Class Frequency: 2x/Week  

Class Options: Single sessions, 4 and 8 session packs available

This program has limited availability so reserve your spot today!

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