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DODGE, DUCK, DIP, DIVE..DODGE! Looking to have some good competitive fun on a Friday evening? Come play dodgeball at Peak 303!

  • 1st team to successfully eliminate all opposing players wins the match. Matches are capped at 15 minutes long.

  • Create a team to compete against other teams. There's a maximum of 8 team registrations available.

  • Come play as long as you want. Playing order will be determined by the registration order. If a team is not present at the start of each match, the next available team in the order will play instead.

  • Teams will consist of 4-8 players with a minimum of 4 players to start or continue a match.  

  • Each team will have max of 6 players playing at one time

  • Appropriate team names and game conduct is expected at all times. Management can change inappropriate team names or remove players for inappropriate conduct at any time.

  • All team members must be listed on the team registration and complete the online waiver prior to playing.

  • $25/Team of 4-8 players with no limit on the number of matches.

  • Registration cut-off one hour before.

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