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As a professional athlete, we understand the demands of a long season and high performance needs you may have. We've got experienced certified strength and conditioning coaches that can provide you with the expertise needed for safe and effective high performance training. We also have a versatile training facility with professional service offerings to accommodate your needs as a professional athlete.  Whether you have a training program provided by your team or you're seeking a different program, let us know how we can help.

Development Philosophy

We at Peak303 believe very strongly in long-term athletic development and health of all the athletes we work with. For that reason, we incorporate three essential development pillars in all the programs we provide. While there are many ways to train athletes for the demands of their specific sports, there are three main development pillars that we believe are essential to the success and health of all athletes. FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH, FUNCTIONAL SPEED & POWER, FUNDAMENTAL RECOVERY.

FOUNDATIONAL STRENGTH is essential to an athlete's overall health and performance for any individual or team sport and is the primary development pillar of which all other's are built off of. Developing foundational strength allows for better control of muscles, greater work capacity and ability to generate higher forces and power. Not only can foundational strength development enhance skills but will also create the resiliency needed to repeat those skills over a longer period of time.

FUNCTIONAL SPEED & POWER is a crucial development pillar for high performance in most team sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball and many individual sports like track & field and swimming. While elite speed and power is not necessary for success in every sport and position, developing functional speed and power is. Learning running mechanics, acceleration/deceleration techniques and power developing exercises, can increase the speed and power athletes need for most sports.

FUNDAMENTAL RECOVERY is a fundamental development component to the success of any training program and health of all athletes. Without proper recovery, adaptation through training is limited and therefore so will high performance outcomes. We utilize myofascial release techniques and self-message routines to enhance the body's response time and recovery from workouts, practices and games.

Private Training

For those who prefer 1-on-1 instruction and a program designed based on your individuals needs and development goals. Sessions are an hour long and include the following session structure; dynamic warm-up routine, strength/power/speed/agility training and post workout recovery routines. You can choose the program length and frequency that fits your needs.

We provide 4, 8 and 12 week programs that can be 1-3 times per week. These programs are specifically designed to provide options while balancing a level of commitment that gives you the best chance of achieving the results you are seeking. 

Contact us at or 720-532-8979 to discuss program options and scheduling.pricing and scheduling.

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