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Forearm Strength Circuit #1

The following is a forearm strengthening circuit utilizing different exercises to strengthen the wrist and elbow joint. Wrist and elbow strength is extremely important for health and success in many sports like baseball, softball, tennis, hockey, lacrosse and football.

1.) Cable Wrist Flexion - Start with a single cable handle about head high. Grip the handle with your fingertips and with your elbow bent at roughly a 90 degree angle. Then simply curl your fingertips and then wrist towards the inside part of your elbow. Pause and then uncurl back to the start position.

2.) Tubing Wrist Extension - Start by standing with one or two feet on the middle of the tubing while holding onto the handles. Then stand upright with your elbow bent at your sides and holding the handles with wrists relaxed and palms down. Without moving anything but your wrists, extend them up and back as far as they can go while trying to keep the hands from rotating out to the side. Pause at the top and then lower back to the start position.

3.) Foam Roller Grip & Slide - Begin by holding the foam roller with both hands and arms extended at chest height. Then start squeezing the roller as hard as you can with your fingers and thumb one hand at a time, while quickly sliding up and down the foam roller.

4.) Overhead Finger Flicks - Arms straight overhead with hands closed. Begin by opening and closing the hands as fast as you can while extending your fingers and thumb out as far as they can go. (no video example)

Forearm Circuit #1:

Go from one exercise to the next after completing the set without rest. Once you complete the 4 exercise circuit, rest about 2 minutes and then repeat.

1.) Cable Wrist Flexion 2-3 sets x 10 repetitions

2.) Tubing Wrist Extensions 2-3 sets x 10 repetitions

3.) Foam Roller Grip & Slides 2-3 sets x :30 seconds

4.) Overhead Finger Flicks 2-3 sets x 30 repetitions

Feel the PUMP!!!

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